La Maison de la Violette

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La Maison de la Violette

Boutique barge to see during your hotel stay in Toulouse

The little flower of Toulouse

Established in Toulouse in 1993, La Maison de la Violette values local skills by keeping the production arm of the Toulouse Violet up and running. This small, five-petal flower delicately scents food, candles and room fragrances. Head to the Canal du Midi to experience its delights! You will find La Maison de la Violette on board a brightly coloured, original 1930s barge where you can explore the olfactory and food past of this little flower, which has been putting Toulouse on the map since 1850. Shop, tearoom, and a place to relax: welcome aboard!

Found at: The Boutique de la Violette barge is just a few minutes from our hotel in Toulouse.

Boutique de la Violette
in front 3 Boulevard Bonrepos
31000 Toulouse