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Aeroscopia: boarding now!

Blériot XI, Concorde, A380, Super Guppy, Falcon, Mirage III, Sky Ranger, A300B, MiG-15, Jaguar, Starfighter…: welcome to Aeroscopia! 3,5000m2 of aviation. Legendary, commercial, business, military or scientific aviation: the Aeoroscopia Museum is as spectacular as it is exciting.
Devoted to aerospace history where technological prowess goes hand in hand with conquest and passion. Whether travelling alone, as a couple or family, or as a group: book your tickets! You will be transported!

Found at : The Aéroscopia Museum is just a few minutes away from ACE Hotel Toulouse-Blagnac.

Aeroscopia Museum
1 Allée André Turcat
31700 Blagnac